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Georgia Rivers

When someone asks me why I have created this methodprogram, my answer is simple. I have led a most blessed and very unique life. A life filled with joy in the face of adversity and prosperity from ruin. I life with no regret and no fear. I tried to credit just one source for this but I realized it is the result of four.  First and foremost my blind faith and unconditional love for our Creator. Second the use as a child of the Jose Silva method. Third the teachings am Yogi Amrit Desia and forth learning how to tap into the power God gave us within,  to use not ten percent of our brain, but to use 80 percent more of our brain.  A process I have developed into a teachable process, with the guidelines of all of the above. I look forward to directing you to the starting path of the rest of your blissful life.

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