Georgia Rivers

My first memories are from about age two. What I have been sure of ever since is the following. One I knew exactly what happens when you die. I had unlimited peace from God, because he was total protection and love.

At age nine I became a Silva Method Graduate. At age eleven I started following and going to retreat with Yogi Amrit Desai. I used Kripalu Yoga for total relaxation. Now I am an animal person, I rode horses and loved my dogs. Quite by accident I learned that there is a level between level one and level three of Silva, where you are in your subconscious mind, yet you are in a peaceful awake state and you can not just reach out to and commune with all animals, you can do the same with your guardian angels and even with Aliens, should you desire too. In fact, both my dad and I were non-believers until we witnessed one up close and personal in Miami Beach in 1973.

To be honest I loved what Silva and Desai taught me, these were the principles that let to such inner peace and ability. But at the end of the day, my truest guiding light is and always will be God. Now some of you are not believers and I get it. Some of you think there are many Gods and I get that. For the sake of understanding, lets refer to God as the highest power in the universe the creator of all things. You can choose the way in which you want to refer to him. But the fact that we are all his energy is what matters.

To move on, I was engaged at 16 married and 17 had my first child at 18. I was working for my dad in his office by age 14. I have six wonderful children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. I was blessed to be involved in the lives of 28 other children as they were growing up.  In short, I am the most blessed person I know.

As we move forward, I will be providing links to the many miracles that have occurred in my life. There are two types of miracles, the ones that are just provided to us and the ones we manifest by asking our angels for help. I want to teach you how to live as I do, in total Peace, without fear or depression to remain at peace even if you have sustained the ultimate loss. To obtain whatever your hearts desire is. Not to mention so, so, much more…

In my sixty years, I have run, grown and sold large, successful businesses. I have worked in many fields, and I have grown as a person every time. I have found buildings for business miles away in areas I have never been to before. I have helped lost pets find their way home. The list goes on and on. It is not because I am unique. It is because I was given the gift of knowing how to tap into my guardian angels, how to ask for their protection and help with all things. How to Love and Trust God above all else and how to harness your subconscious energy and project it into the universe, wherever you need to be or to go.

I reflect so often on the incredible life that has been given me. I was approached not long ago and asked to write a book about all the miracles in my life and all that has happened or been overcome. The more I thought about it the more I realized it is not a book I need to write. I need to teach others to tap in. To use and enjoy the very gifts we were given within our heart, our soul and our brains. I believe this so strongly I am fully devoted to sharing the great within, with each of you. One thing for sure, it will not be like any other teaching, for it is the sum of my personal experience as a result of the soul memories I was born knowing.

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Welcome to “The Guardian Within”: A spiritual business that empowers individuals to unlock their inner power and connect with their angels for guidance and support. Through a unique blend of practices and teachings, we nurture the profound connection between individuals and the angelic realm, enabling them to access their innate power, receive divine guidance, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. TO LEARN MORE CLICK HERE

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With over 50 years of developing we have created a one of a kind program that is unlike any other. specializing in teaching our students how to awaken and use all levels of their subconscious.

Spiritual Mediums, Psychics, Tarot Card Readers, Clairvoyants, Light Workers or Hypnotists are in the business of trying to convince you to believe in them. We instead want you to believe in yourself and awaken the powers that resides in everyone.
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Over 50 years in developing, researching and studying different methods of awakening the powers of your subconscious, has allowed us to create a program that is by far the most effective in awaking the powers inside of you.
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Our programs teach students how to access all levels of their subconscious. Once a student can awaken their subconscious they will have the knowledge/ability of communicating with their angelic guides. which has many benefits including asking advice, pain management and even finding something that is lost, along with much more.
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