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When someone asks me why I have created this method\program, my answer is simple. I have led a most blessed and very unique life. A life filled with joy in the face of adversity and prosperity from ruin. I life with no regret and no fear. I tried to credit just one source for this but I realized it is the result of four.  First and foremost my blind faith and unconditional love for our Creator. Second the use as a child of the Jose Silva method. Third the teachings am Yogi Amrit Desia and forth learning how to tap into the power God gave us within,  to use not ten percent of our brain, but to use 80 percent more of our brain.  A process I have developed into a teachable process, with the guidelines of all of the above. I look forward to directing you to the starting path of the rest of your blissful life.

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The Guardian Method Program

Some of the highlights of our method and program

Opening Your Mind & Awaken Your inner Gift

Our Program teaches you to unlock your guardian within. by teaching you how to access and utilize all three levels of your subconscious mind through a form of energy tapping metaphysical prayer.

Benefits Of The Guardian Within Program

Conquer all Fear. Move past painful experiences or traumas. Advance you wealth. Build your business. Launch a successful career. Get by on far less sleep. Heal your body. Control both physical and mental pain. Get along with others, even those hard to reach. View the places you want to visit in the world. Find lost objects. Rid yourself of depression, manifest your dreams. Tune into the animal link, so you can become one with nature and your personal pets. Escape chaos all around you, by dropping for thirty seconds into the right realm. Enjoy life, from complete inner peace.

Lifetime Course Access

Once you purchase a program you get life time access to the program. You will receive a diploma as well as a hard copy membership card. That card can be used for free refreshers as needed. You will also be granted discounted private one on one consultations with course directors.

Awaken The Guardian Within

In today's rapidly changing world, it is essential to develop the inner resilience and preparedness necessary to navigate uncertainty and unexpected challenges. Our programs are designed to empower you with the skills and mindset needed to proactively face any situation and stay ahead in life. By tapping into the wisdom and guidance of your inner guardian, you will learn powerful techniques to be prepared, problem-solve effectively, and embrace a proactive approach to life. Throughout this transformative course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering your innate strengths and unlocking the potential within you. Through a combination of practical exercises, introspective reflections, and guidance from experienced instructors, you will gain the tools necessary to tap into your inner guardian and leverage its wisdom and much more!

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What our Students say?

I have always been a skeptic, but after experiencing the powerful guidance and insights from my guardian angels through this program, I am now a firm believer in the magic of divine communication.

Samantha G.


Thanks to this business, I have discovered the power of angelic healing. Through their guidance, I have experienced profound emotional and physical healing, releasing old traumas and finding a renewed sense of well-being

Rachel D


Awakening my angelic powers has helped me tap into my innate wisdom and unlock my true potential. I now approach life with a sense of purpose, guided by the loving presence of my guardian angels.

Thomas M.


Our Achievements

Guardian Within has established an impressive track record of achievements in guiding individuals on their journey to awaken the powers of their angelic guides. As a leading authority in angelic communication, this esteemed business has empowered countless students to tap into their inner wisdom and establish a profound connection with their guardian angels. The transformative benefits experienced by students are profound and diverse. Through the teachings of Guardian Within, individuals have gained the ability to receive invaluable advice and guidance from their angelic guides, leading to confident decision-making and a sense of purpose in their lives. Additionally, students have reported remarkable instances of finding lost items, experiencing a profound sense of relief and gratitude. The healing power of connecting with angelic guides has also been a significant achievement, bringing emotional and spiritual healing to individuals, fostering inner peace and a renewed sense of well-being. The accomplishments of Guardian Within demonstrate their unwavering commitment to helping individuals unlock their spiritual potential and live a life guided by the loving presence of their angelic guides.

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